What's New to Trends?

- A page dedicated to our community? Yes. That's right. Take a look.

- Trends Deal Directory: Access to over 70 products, up to $100k in savings.

- Podcasts: My First Million recently topped the "Top 10" Podcasts on Spotify. Be on the lookout for more dropping from Trends, soon!

- Revamped Events Page: Trends subscribers can now lead their own virtual and/or in-person events.


Top Features of Trends:

  1. Our weekly email (we recently added an audio version), where we discuss up and coming Trends and business tactics for you to take advantage of
  2. Our library of signals, which are one of our most popular features. These signals indicate Trends that are taking off, what many of our members have used to start new businesses, invest in certain areas, or simply to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Facebook community of thousands of other entrepreneurs, business owners/operators, etc... if you haven't joined, we'd love to hear why.
  4. We also have additional features, like our databases or ebooks


Any other specific inquiries can be sent to trends@thehustle.co!